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1. Freelance writers usually have a field, so your articles are written by people who really know what they are talking about. It is true that some writers can write articles on a particular topic, but most people have their own prose or topic types that they are best at. So to a certain extent you hire an expert with whom you can share and exchange ideas.

2. Outsourcing writers can save a lot of time. Some people have a lot to do, be it life, other projects or entrepreneurship. With all these efforts, there is almost no time to write important articles, essays and documents. It’s no coincidence that hiring freelance writers also relieves a lot of pressure when hiring managers, especially for those who aren’t confident in their writing skills.

3. Serious writers will do their job correctly because their work is paid. This means freelancers will make every effort to ensure their writing meets the standards required by hiring managers.

4. Serious freelance writers get the work done on time. Of course, even freelance writers are people, so if the hiring manager is a little “just in case there’s room”, neither side will be frustrated.

5. Outsourcing writers gives you the opportunity to help others sleep better. Usually, in addition to those who are solely engaged in freelancing for entertainment, hiring managers also provide the opportunity to earn money to increase the livelihoods of freelancers. This extra power gives you a higher guarantee on high-quality work.

6. It is very convenient to hire freelancers. You can hire a freelance writer if needed, be it for a project or for more than six months.

7. It’s usually cheap to hire a writer. What could be better than delivering high-quality work at a low price? Of course, few freelance writers seriously consider writing a 1000-word article for a dollar, but freelance writers usually treat them very fairly.

No matter what your goal is to hire a freelance writer, be it for social marketing, novels, or even editing your own work, your work will be of high quality. Say goodbye to stress and discomfort, there are thousands of freelance writers waiting to be hired, waiting to create a great article for a great hiring manager.

Freelance Jobs for Illustrators

There are fine artists and illustrators who make a lot of money, but unfortunately, the universal reputation of “hungry artist” does not depend solely on the alliteration of this phrase. While there is a clear value culture in some arts, the combination of art, job sales and business skills does not seem to be common.

It can be said that the Internet has certainly opened up this field to illustrators, although the mass media of the past can be considered at least roughly equivalent in terms of the number of jobs available.

1. Where can I find the work…online

Few larger companies usually have such continuous internal demand for fine art or illustration that they hire full-time employees to do the work. Otherwise, some other companies will store artistic talents where demand arises.

Illustrators who enjoy freelance work cannot rely on these companies to find jobs for them. But they don’t have to share profits either.

In fact, for freelance artists who use the Internet to conduct business, given the nature of the Internet, there seems to be a tension between paid online advertising services and “free” methods.

(I put the word “free” in quotes because sometimes there are “hidden” costs, such as computers, graphics tablets, scanners, cameras, software, professional blogs or websites, and Internet access.)

For example, for “free,” a freelance illustrator can post his or her virtual “shingles” on Google.com/places or search online job boards such as ifreelance.com, artjob.org, or Craigslist.org. Guru.com offers a free membership version.

However, by outsourcing a small amount of advertising to some sites, these sites are supposedly meant to connect freelancers (usually of various types) with people willing to spend money to hire people to do projects for them, usually for very little money.

These examples include oDesk.com, Freelanced.com, and artjob.org.

2. The art of online art business

Of course, there is no guarantee that your money will be spent on these sites. It depends on one’s freelance work.

To complicate matters further, most listings are done through auctions. The contractor or job poster publishes the project requirements and its various specifications, free illustrators (or other artists, depending on the type of work) make suggestions or bids, and the job poster selects one.

As a result, freelance artists are under pressure to under-bid, at least until they gain a reputation and can expect more money. But the insufficient bid presupposes the speed with which the freelance artist knows what quality he or she can work with. Before bidding (underlined “for”), make some effort to estimate your breakeven point.

And you need to give yourself time to experience the difference between a potentially profitable offer and one that makes money.

3. On acquiring and retaining customer base

Also note that the integrity and wisdom of the people offering the job varies. Therefore, over time, freelance artists have an incentive to build an honest list of candidates who want to do business with them again… and a list of candidates who will not work for them again under any circumstances.

The good news, of course, is that those who repeatedly post jobs want to find candidates they know, like, and trust. Freelance illustrators certainly welcome new online customers, but business illustrators quickly realize that “real money” lies in repeat customers.

Therefore, any measure that can be taken to encourage the “like trust” factor among repeat customers is beneficial. Sending birthday wishes in social media settings or personal mailings is an easy way. Being polite, over-delivering, over-delivering, and occasionally offering bonuses and special offers tend to build one’s reputation in the eyes of the customer base.

New online customers can be attracted through written reputation and online portfolio. When someone asks for and gets passionate testimonials from satisfied customers, that becomes the gold of a new job.

In fact, online marketing freelance illustrators can expand the type of services and customer base they provide by acquiring multimedia skills and keeping up with related software applications.


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